convincing code editors

Visual Studio Code:

Spoiler alert!! Apparently it doesn’t get much better than that. This piece of Microsoft is a smaller version of their big Visual Studio SDK/IDE. It still comes with a file-system, a debugger, great git-support, an integrated bash-shell and you can easy-install loads of plugins through a plugin-sidebar. If that sounds to much, don’t worry you don’t have to use any of it and use it just for basic coding. Nobody will judge you. Ease your way into more stuff when you need it. VS Code supports pretty much all languages runs on every platform and is recommended by many throughout the coding scene, from what I have heard. Oh and by the way. VS Code is for FREE aswell.


Also free software which I used when I first started to write some code. Couldn’t complain, but when I installed VS Code, well… I might have denied Brackets a couple of times since than.


There are also Sublime, Atom and many other code editors. Some more complex than others. You might even go for bigger applications like a full blown SDK (Software Developer Kit) / IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Those sometimes come tailored towards a specific language, like JetBrains’ PyCharm (for python) or WebStorm (for JavaScript). Since I have not tried any of them in depth I won’t say anything about them. Feel free to try around. Like with everything in coding: others have opinions, you should do what you feel productive and comfortable with.